Elistair Tethered Traffic Drone | Monitors Lyon Rush Hour Traffic

  Vehicle traffic congestion and monitoring have become today the most critical issues in road transport and haulage. The second largest metropolitan area in France, Lyon suburb area represents a serious case to deploy vehicle traffic monitoring with tethered drone technology. Elistair tethered solutions offer continuous and real-time aerial video stream, allowing persistent data collection and technical […]

PowerLine Tethered Drone

  The PowerLine Tethered System mounts directly to the DJI Inspire product. PowerLine Power supply ground station provides power through the ultralight-tether to drone for unlimited flight time. The ultralight onboard power replaces the stock battery, providing unlimited, reliable and redundant power source. Designed to run 24/7, the PowerLine system will meet your schedule without […]

Find My Drone? There is a website for that!

  Christmas day 2017 saw peak drone loss spread across the world as presents were unwrapped, charged and lost. It was interesting to watch it unfold on Google Trends. A friend told me today that there was a pre-existing website on which lost and found drones were posted! I must admit I had never heard of […]

Northwestern Introduces a Drone Curriculum for Traffic Crash Investigators and Reconstructionists

  IL—Northwestern University Center for Public Safety is offering three new courses on the use of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS), better known as drones, for traffic crash investigation and reconstruction. Small unmanned aircraft systems can play an important role in in the investigation of traffic crashes. Using a drone, investigators can obtain a comprehensive […]




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